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Canon Survey Report: AP Departments Taking Steps to Reduce Paper

Ken Neal

February 9, 2016 Posted by:

A recent study we conducted with the Institute of Finance and Management investigates steps AP departments are taking to eliminate inefficient paper processes (more…)

Leverage Information Governance to Stay Ahead of the Discovery Curve

Scott Paster

February 5, 2016 Posted by:

This week, a session at the LegalTech® New York 2016 conference focused on the benefits of strong information governance (IG) as it pertains to the discovery process. (more…)

More about our Webcast on Facilities Management Trends

Ken Neal

February 3, 2016 Posted by:

An update on our recent webcast… (more…)

Upcoming Webcast: How to Build a Framework for Information Governance Success

Ken Neal

January 20, 2016 Posted by:

Information governance is commonly defined as the activities and technologies that organizations leverage to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and costs. (more…)